DORAIT strengths

Technological expertise

Excellent technological specialist expertise
Our patent attorneys are equipped with excellent technological specialist expertise, with R&D experience from working for companies, universities and research institutions.
We have dealt with our clients' key product inventions and many leading technology inventions that have been released at academic conferences and published in papers.
Our Patent Attorneys with experience in working as Japan Patent Office examiners will handle intermediate processing
Our Patent Attorneys with experience in working as Japan Patent Office examiners will handle intermediate processing for patents filed in and outside of Japan.
We strive diligently to maintain a high patent-granting rate, such as by actively introducing examiner interviews, based on our extensive experience of trials, and our services are highly regarded by our clients.

Our expertise in propositions

Unearthing inventions
We are involved in the process of creating inventions from their unearthing phase. We create itemized lists that will make the acquisition of high value-added rights possible.
Intellectual property strategies for Japan and overseas
We propose intellectual property strategies that match our clients' business strategies, in tune with market developments.
We propose overseas intellectual property strategies on the best timing, to build a patent network in tune with the client's overseas business development.
Based on latest information, we will make suggestions to utilize various systems such as accelerated domestic and overseas examinations
Intellectual property strategies for startups
We propose intellectual property strategies for unearthing inventions and for funding, merger strategies and IPO strategies.
Joint intellectual property strategies for the public and private sectors
We propose intellectual property strategies for universities, research institutions and state-funded projects, as well as strategies for joint filings and R&D.

Total strength

Attention to detail and services from start to finish
We offer services from start to finish, from unearthing inventions to patent infringement lawsuits. We also offer supportive services, including creating various agreement documents and conducting license negotiations to utilize the relevant intellectual property.
Integrated brand strategy package
Our patent attorneys, design attorneys and trademark attorneys will work together to propose an integrated brand strategy package for you for every aspect, from patents to design and trademarks.
Excellent administrative expertise
Equipped with excellent skills and extensive knowledge on domestic and overseas patent operations, our administrative staff will meet your intellectual property needs.

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